Introducing the Maze App!

Wednesday, September 28, 2022  by Winner Adebayo

The next phase of our mission to simplify international relocation begins now!

After months of development and testing, we are excited to announce the beta release of the Maze Relocation App on the Play Store and App Store.

We developed the concept and functionalities based on research and input from a diverse group of newcomers so that it focuses on what matters the most - simplifying the relocation experience.

We understand that every move is unique, regardless of how similar the challenges are. With the right support, newcomers can take ownership of their journey to ensure a positive relocation experience. This is why the Maze app is focused on tackling the common issues experienced by most newcomers making the UK their home - such as fragmented and insufficient information, time-consuming research, and a lack of tailored settlement solutions.

What is the Maze App About?

The Maze app is a self-management tool designed to guide anyone relocating to the UK through every step of the process. Its customisable checklist feature takes a newcomer through all the important steps needed to settle abroad.

The homepage presents a clear overview of the moving stages that are further segmented into tasks, processes and information that helps set the user’s expectations and provides guidance on what to do.

The complexities of international relocation lie in the tasks; knowing what to do and the right process for getting it done. Tasks are organised in a particular order that is easy to follow, including descriptions of the process, relevant tools and links to the right websites.

The task page features the following:

  • An inbuilt calendar functionality where you can set a due date for the completion of any specified task.
  • An option to ‘assign budget’ to tasks so you can track your expenditure and keep within your budget
  • A textbox to add notes to your tasks so you don't leave out the important details.
  • The star icon at the top right of the task page helps you prioritise tasks

The checklist allows personalisation by letting you create your own tasks as desired. A progress bar at the top of the page indicates how far along you have gone in each stage.

The Maze app enhances the newcomer’s experience with access to handy tools and city guides that help the user plan everything from their daily budget to their destination city.

In addition, we have partnered with a range of brands to bring great deals and discounts on services and products you need as you settle in the UK.

Accessing Support

The 'Support' feature allows users to schedule consultation sessions with a relocation professional. During the call, you can ask questions about a range of topics including housing search, job search, rent guarantor, and so on. Support is readily available from our team of experts at any stage of your move.

How do I get the Maze App?

The Maze App is free to download on mobile and the web. Get the Maze App on Appstore or Playstore here.

Got feedback? We’d love to hear it.

Leave a review once you’ve downloaded the App or get in contact with us via to let us know what you think.

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Maze provides an end-to-end platform that disrupts the traditional relocation model.

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